Joe Jeffries Campaign sign

Road Conditions

West Virginia's roads are crumbling and money seems to be wasted time and time again. Where is all our road money going? Why aren't our roads being fixed and maintained properly?

We must hold the fire to the Department of Transportation and the Governor to get our roads repaired once and for all. We have all been more that patient, waiting for repairs, but now its time to fix the darn roads!

As your Delegate, I have and if re-elected, will continue to hold their feet to the fire until our roads get repaired. While I can't promise repairs, I will promise to keep on them about fixing the roads.

Secondary roads are a mess. Paving, ditching, slips, and the list goes on, need to be done ASAP! It shouldn't take as long as it has been to fix all the emergency issues we have been faced with on our roads. 


The economy in West Virginia has been getting slightly better over the past few years under new leadership. We must be sure to elect those who will continue the path toward prosperity.

We need to work to make WV a more business friendly state by removing regulations and job killing taxes that keep new companies from coming into our state. We must work to remove the business inventory tax. That would be a huge step in the right direction, to help bring industry back to our state.

WV doesn't need higher taxes on the business industry. What we need are more taxpayers that can work, live and raise families in our state. Providing good paying jobs will bring people back to our state, while also keeping those here who wish to stay here.


Taxes in West Virginia must be lowered. We are one of the highest taxed states with some of the lowest income. We must reject any and all tax or fee increases if we wish for West Virginians to stop leaving our state and to attract others to move into our state.

It's time we get Government out of our pockets and give the people back more of their hard earned money. We need government that is more responsible with our tax dollars and held accountable for all wasteful spending.

West Virginians cant afford to keep paying more and more out of their pockets. It's time to stop all the tax and spend politicians and to start operating a fiscally responsible government.

Gun Control

I will adamantly oppose any and all efforts at gun control, including "red flag" laws, in the WV Legislature. More gun laws will not stop gun violence from happening due to all the mental illness plaguing our country.

Gun laws do not stop criminals and only make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Criminals do not follow laws, as seen in many anti-gun cities across the country.

As a member of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL) and the National Rifle Association (NRA), you can be confidant that I will stand strong on protecting and defending your right to bear arms.  ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ 

Opioid Epidemic

Stopping this epidemic will be a hard battle. With treatment options and education I believe that we can finally put and end to the opioid epidemic.

We have many options throughout the state to help fight against addiction. We need to stop the coddling of addicts and start helping them get clean. Needle exchange programs are not the answer and have only caused an ever growing problem to the situation. Free Narcan has done nothing but encourage people to continue their drug use. We need to put the fear back into drug use so more will be less likely to turn to drugs and end up addicted.

We know that addiction can be hard to beat, but we must take every step possible to ensure people aren't making the choice to turn to drug use. Providing anti-drug education to our youth seemed to work in the years past, I can't imagine why they decided to do away with such programs. As for those who are already addicted, we need to be sure the help is there for when they decide to get clean and help them become productive members of society again.


Abortions are not birth control and its time we stop allowing it to be used as such. We must protect the lives of the unborn. Abortions must be banned in WV with exception to the rare cases that protect the life of the mother are already protected by law. It's time we start following the law and put an end to elective abortions once and for all.